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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - July 15, 2019

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On July 15th, 2019, at 7:30 PM, the weekly AES meeting at CRAS opened with an announcement of our upcoming events, including Focusrite Novation this Thursday, They will be demoing some tech and would like some artists to be present, students were told to email if they are interested in playing an instrument at the demo. On August 1st Reftones will be in LIve Sound, the following week will be Peter Costa talking about the VR industry. Next, on August 22nd, KRK will visit CRAS, and on August 29th Waves will be here. Other events include Ike Schultz and Alan Leggett who want to do multi-day tracking and mixing sessions - we will book these when we can find time in the schedule. Peter P. then spoke about upcoming internship opportunities, including Trunk Space, Nitro Band, Foothills Community Church (running sound on Saturdays). Rylan also mentioned that on Thursday nights his friend runs karaoke and is looking for another person to run a karaoke night in another location (every Saturday). The mentors then took the stage and spoke about their upcoming events. They may have a Cycle 3 Neotek review tomorrow night (if they can get a studio booked). They are also holding a Tier 1 Part 1 Protools review at 8PM tonight. Aside from their study groups, they are also starting Saturday sessions (Sat Week 3) at the end of every cycle. They want to do a tracking session in Studios A and B, and a mixing session in Studio D. If there are any musicians interested in playing on those sessions, they are looking for more people to be there for those sessions. If you're interested, contact or . Peter P. then mentioned that we are restarting a student musician database, it is located under Courses -> Special Interests -> AES. We discussed that we would like to post about the database on CRAS Connect and will need to bring the matter to our faculty advisor. Finally, we played a review session of Kahoot with candy prizes.

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