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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - July 18, 2019

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Kody Standridge visited the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences July 18th, to share the sound of the newest Scarlett 2i2 bundle, the Clarett Octopre, and the 49SL MkIII MIDI controller. As we set up our student artist he showed us a few features from the 49SL. He started by making a key progression over one of its 8 built in sequencer tracks. Next were drums and then some nice 808 subs to tie everything together, all powered with Ableton. After his short intro with the new 49SL controller we switched our attention to the live room and began to listen intently to our student demo on the 2i2 bundle large diaphragm condenser microphone. The mic was input through the Octopre with a new feature called "Air" that switches in an analog model of the Focusrite ISA preamp. We also ran an SM57 on our artists guitar amp through one of the inputs on the Octopre. All of us were really impressed with the sound quality. Kody explained that the EQ curve of the mic pre provided a slight dip in very low frequencies and a slight boost in highs resulting in a bright and clear sound. After a few minutes with different guitar tones and vocals, from our artist we turned our attention back to the 49SL, and Kody began to outline more of its great features. The 8 track pattern based sequencer, integration with any DAW, and ability to control parameters with built in knobs. Kody told us about how it was designed to be the center of any setup no matter what DAW you're using. After he wrapped up his presentation he opened up the floor for us to get our hands on the 49SL, and answered questions from students about working with Focusrite Novation and some of the other new gear they're releasing soon. It was a great evening filled with lots of information on Focusrite Novations newest gear. I think I speak for all of us when I say we are very excited for the future of Focusrite Novation gear.

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