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Nashville - June 27, 2019

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The Nashville Section held its annual elections at one of our "Hang Time" events. Ted and Belinda Nelson's Sound Concepts Recording offered a perfect backdrop for the elections. This facility is located in the rolling hills outside Nashville. Ted and Belinda, originally from South Africa, hosted the event including Belinda's culinary expertise in preparing some South African and Indian cuisine.
The 2019-2020 Committee elections were performed and the results are in!
Officers: Chairman: Michael Hanson, Vice Chairman: Barry Cardinael, Secretary: Tom Edwards, Treasurer: Mike Poston

Members at Large: Linda Albright, Brandon Bell, Gary Call, Wayne Chomik, Jill Courtney,
Tim Dolbear, Kevin Duthu, Randy Gardner, Jim Gilmore, Kelvin Grimble, John "Yosh" Jaszcz,
Jim Kaiser, Kerry Kopp, Adam Krulewicz, Glenn Meadows, Justin Miller, Bob Olhsson,
Jonell Polansky, Ken Porter, Mike Porter, Katelyn Prieboy, Glenn Rieuf, Mark Rubel,
Doug Sarrett, Adam David Smith, Travis Turk, Bil VornDick, and Frank Wells.

We are busy!

AES Nashville Section.
- Founded the NERF — Nashville Engineer's Relieve Fund. This organization's goal is to provide limited emergency aid to our local audio professionals that in need. This effort is now a separate governed entity with oversight from the AES Nashville Section. Primary funding relies on the following item.
- Audio Masters Golf Tournament — Annual two day event allowing live sound and studio engineers to get out and support a great cause. This event is heavily sponsored by our industry manufacturing partners.
- Technical Meetings — Throughout the year we will have tech meetings on a particular technology or industry subject. Typically these are done in the months that do not include another tent pole event.
- Spring Mixer — This is another annual event that involves our area undergraduate and audio school students. Students are given a set of studio tracks, identical mixing rooms, and eight hours to create a stereo mix. A panel of industry icons listen and critique the mixes in their respective studios and assign scores. A final event presents the findings to the schools and thousands of dollars of prizes are awarded to the top three finalist and the "Top Mixer" perpetual trophy is given to that year's first place institution.
- Legends In The Round — This is a very popular series of events that highlight a current and/or past studio or group that have made Music City, well ... Music City. This event includes discussions with surviving members from the era as well as photos and memories recalled form the sessions over the years. These are usually held at the actual studio when space and availability can be accommodated. Alternate venues are selected when the subject studio is no longer with us.
- Lifetime Achievement Awards- This ceremony acknowledges the people behind the industry that made it happen. We knew of no other association that properly identified and rewarded those that contributed so much in making the entertainment industry in Nashville as great as it is today. We also take advantage of awarding those that are still able to attend the ceremony as well as those that are no longer with us.
- Hang Time- These events are typically an informal opportunity for a studio, manufacturer, or service provider to make us aware of what their group has available and can provide for Nashville. This has become increasingly important due to the very fine cottage industry studios and companies that have replaced the major icons not being publicized or not necessarily having a large brick and mortar facility in public view.

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