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Aural Escuela - June 22, 2019

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Finally, the debut-day outside our school arrived: we presented our work in progress at the AES Argentina EXPO 2019 at Centro Cultural San Martín. Before all, Indio Gauvron presented us (and honored us for that, thanks Indio!) and the moderators presented the section philosophy. Immediately after, the speakers: first, the Ambisonics group presented and introduction to the work on 3D with a description of the current plug-ins available and the basic concepts to get involved in the Ambisonics workflow. After, the Binaural group presented an introduction to referred subjects and specifically the front/back confusion, with a proposal of an experiment setup with specific filters to test the appearance of the matter. Last, the Microphone group presented the design and construction of a capacitive mic with spectral selection capabilities based on Chladni plates, and also the speakers leaved the door open for a 1st order Ambisonics microphone building.

Thank you very much AES Argentina Professional section for the space, the place, and the support before, on-going and after. We are very proud of working together!

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