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Aural Escuela - May 23, 2019

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The past Thursday 23 we reunited with Group 3 in order to continue the design of the capacitive microphone with adjustable spectral selection. We counted with Indio Gauvron, our fellow and technical consultant: he helped us a lot with acoustical and electrical tips (thank you Indio!).
We printed some parts in order to build a low-cost prototype, and we decided to use aluminum as the material for the diaphragm. The separation with the backplate is critical, so, concerning the minimum width of 3D printing (0.2 mm) we decided to prove on the next meeting the application of the aluminum diaphragm with that size, hoping to make the correct tension in all its points.
This test is critical. If it´s successful, then we can move forward to our big objective: use more than one backplate in order to make spectral selection of the sound the user wants to capture. Also, we are considering contact microphones (very cheaper ones) to do the task, but first we want to do a full initial test using a preamp scheme that Indio gave to us which specifically works on capacitive transducers. We´re hoping to make this work at the next meeting on June 6.

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