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Nigeria - March 11, 2019

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Employment Opportunities in the Audio Engineering Sector — Presented by Laolu Akins
Services requiring trained and knowledgeable audio engineers are diverse and many; audio engineers can function perfectly and be fulfilled as live sound engineers at concerts and other areas.
Here in Nigeria, too much emphasis has been placed on live sound and most young and new audio engineers have a narrow understanding of the opportunities that abound in the profession.
Audio Engineering accommodates several aspects of services that relate to audio
These include but not limited to
Recording or capturing of all kinds of sound, e.g., music or others etc.,

In this area of Studio engineering services alone, there are: -
recording engineers,
mixers, and
mastering engineers.
While in Live sound engineering, we have: -
Front of House engineers,
monitor engineers, and
systems engineers.
Many trained and/experienced audio engineers
work in motion picture industries providing quality services as
sound recordists or Sound designers
Many are in Radio and television,
In Performing Arts, in theatres, some are in education
Every of these aspects are established employment opportunities for sound engineers with adequate training and experience; therefore, I want to suggest to us all to expand our focus beyond live sound engineering alone so that we can maximise our individual potential and utilize our talents for optimum benefits to all and sundry and not be stranded by our narrow understanding of the audio engineering practice.
As an example, music production where I have concentrated my interest is such a wide area that an audio engineer can be engaged in different aspects and do very well.
Recording the music is one aspect, Mixing is another, while mastering and editing are important aspects that require deep knowledge and understanding of the intricacies of the roles and responsibilities. Each of these areas are important, engaging and peculiar in nature.

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