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Aural Escuela - April 29, 2019

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Groups I & II joined forces building a setup to get BRIR´s (Binaural Room Impulse Respones) using our own anatomies in order to extract HRTF information. The previously well-known acoustic characteristics of our Studio 2 helped to segregate calibration problems in time and frequency with the selected setup (for Genelec 1031A studio monitors, placed front/back like classical quadraphonic), measured first in mono. Using the PZM-like capabilities of two Shure SM81´s —these cardioids behave like omnis when placed at a half centimeters of a high impedance surface - the takes were made using pink noise bursts at 90 dBC on the spot, using a transfer function to get signal coherence. We expect to extract HRTF information in specific, personalized files to make convolution for two purposes: 1) Group I will use it for different stimuli in a future binaural front/back confusion experiment 2) Group II will use to make better externalization in Ambisonics binaural decoding. Key phrases: HRTF, 3D audio, externalization methods for better inmersion.

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