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Belgian - February 26, 2019

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Sonhouse opened their doors for the Annual General Meeting of the Belgian section - our first since a while, and following a Special General Meeting in June where an 'emergency committee' to bootstrap the near-dormant section.

- an executive committee consisting of Brecht De Man (chair), Frank DuchĂȘne (vice chair) and Gert Van Hoof (secretary and treasurer) was elected, with Federica Bressan acting as committee member and academic chair.
- the section's activities in 2018 were discussed; notably a visit to De Krook in Ghent, the Special General Meeting at MotorMusic in Mechelen, and the inaugural event of 'The AES Visits' at Studio Jupiter in Tongeren.
- a tentative overview of events for 2019 was presented; notably a flagship academic event early May, a company visit, and an extension of 'The AES Visits ...' home/project studio presentations.

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