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Aural Escuela - April 3, 2019

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Group I started activities: Rodríguez presented Ambisonics for the first time to the attendants, offering also bibliography in accordance (Gerzon, Malham, Anderson). Keywords: A-format, B-format, 1st order, FuMa, Ambi-X, encoding, transforming, decoding, binaural decoding, plug-ins. On the next meeting the members will we mixing on ATK for Reaper in order to approach the concepts.
Group III started activities: Federico López, teacher of our school, presented various strategies to tense dense aluminum in order to build a diaphragm for a capacitive microphone with spectral selection capabilities, based on Chladni plates. This idea was originally presented by Carlos Indio Gauvron in 2018. Keywords: microphone design, spectral selection, electroacoustic testing.

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