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Indiana University - March 24, 2019

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The Indiana University AES chapter hosted a live sound demonstration with former IU Recording Arts Lecturer and live sound guru Wayne Jackson. This event was our first event open to the public event, and coincided with an audition weekend at the Jacobs School of Music. This allowed perspective Audio Engineering and Sound Production students attend the event and get a feeling for what AES at IU does.

The demonstration highlighted the many features of a MIDAS PRO-2 console.The MIDASPRO-2 is a very powerful large format console. Wayne has been working with this console for some time now and was able to provide expert insight about the ins and out (literally) of the MIDAS PRO-2. We would like to thank Wayne Jackson for his time, knowledge, and willingness to bring personal gear in for a demonstration. We would also like to thank the Jacobs School of Music for allowing this event to be put forward as public. We hope that this event provided an insight to not only the Jacobs School of Music, but the Audio Engineering Society's presence at IU for the two perspective students at the event.

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