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Aural Escuela - March 6, 2019

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The 2019 board will be formed by members of the 2018 Group project II, with Martin as Chair, Pires as Vice, Tritz as Secretary and Speranza as Treasurer.
Group project I will be coordinated by the faculty advisor (Rodríguez).
Group project II will be coordinated by the board.
The faculty advisor and the board introduced the topics, the concepts and the work mechanic for the two groups.
Group project I: Ambisonics intro, transfo & outro... an introduction Ambisonics (and beyond) using the ATK workflow for Reaper, in B-Format: Ambisonics, spatial audio, scene_based_audio, ATK, B-Format.
Group project II: Analysis of the front/back confusion on the perception of binaural signals (and beyond) using laboratory tests. Key words: binaural, HRTF, convolution, front/back_confusion, laboratory_tests.
Group member consolidation will be defined in the next week.
And additional Group III consolidation was talked. On the next main April meeting it will be decided if starts or not.

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