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University of York - May 7, 2018

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Audio Engineering Society York Student Section Committee
- Minute

Monday 7th May 2018 at 10.00, Ron Cooke Hub

Present: In Attendance:
Claudia Nader Jaime (CNJ — Chair)
Molly Sewell (MS — Secretary)
Haruna Higa (HH — Vice Chair)
Chris Kurtz (CK — Treasurer)

Previous Matters Arising:
07/05-1 Social Media Committee Member — we discussed the possible need for a committee member to deal solely with social media content for the AESYSS.

Action: Ongoing
07/05-2 AESYSS Campaign Funding — CK has started a draft proposal for funding which will be finished and sent by Thursday 10th May.

Action: CK

07/05-3 Amplify Her — MS is to email Dr Mariana Lopez to arrange a meeting with the committee regarding the Amplify Her event in Sep/Oct 2018.

Action: MS

New Matters
07/05-1 Lack of interest in our events - All expressed concern for the lack of interest in attendance following the poorly attended Darryn de la Soul event. HH suggested creating a survey for AES student members asking them what kind of things they would like to see from us. Discussed setting up an Eventbrite account for tickets, setting up a 'speed dating' for people who need crew (and prospective crew members) and creating a Facebook group (not page) for members.

Action: Ongoing

07/05-2 Committee satisfaction - CK expressed his pride in the committee for branching out by advertising being able to help other people find crew members for their external projects. CNJ, MS and HH agreed!

Action: N/A

07/05-3 Connecting with other UoY departments
HH suggested emailing Professor Ambrose Field (Music) and Jez Welles about current AESYSS goals and connections.

Action: CNJ/HH

07/05-4 Event: Equipment Demos and Department Tours
CK suggested setting up a demo of equipment and departmental tours (TFTV, Electronics, Music) for current and prospective students. Provisional date: Monday 4th June 2018. Black Box, Theatre, Large
Rehearsal Room, Euphonix, Foley, ADR, Electronics Studios, Anechoic Chamber, etc. MS suggested using Eventbrite to create a small number of tickets to prompt people to sign-up so they don't miss their chance to join. CK suggested writing up a programme of the day.

Action: CK

Date of Next Meeting
Time and place TBC.

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