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Aural Escuela - December 17, 2018

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Finally, the two research groups showed their work. Group II started —focused on binaural signals, composed by Pires-Martín-Tritz-Speranza- did an introduction to binaural perception, referring to the standards defined by AES 69 and the general concepts required (HRTF, acoustic convergence/divergerce, influence of visual stimuli, etc.). A summary of the experiments of the year was presented, along with conclusions and answers for the questions from the audience. Later, Group I —focused on space modeling, composed by Díaz-Ochat-Torres- presented an introduction of Francis Rumsey´s scene-based paradigm. After the theory, they showed and analysis of music in stereo based on FFT 1/3 octave, RMS and BPM that should be used on a generic scene construction presented by Rodríguez. The Faculty Advisor answered questions about the composing method of the scene, concerning source components, perceived distance and stereo localization. The meeting was filmed and recorded, it's here:

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