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Indiana University - November 26, 2018

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We thought it would be nice to share some experiences from our IU AES members who attended the 145th AES convention!

This was my second year attending the AES Convention in New York City, and I had a fantastic time! The second year attending the convention was even better than the first! I wasn't getting lost, I knew what events I really wanted to be at, and I was truly able to make the most of my experience. Some of the event I particularly enjoyed were a panel discussion by the audio team behind "Jesus Christ Superstar Live" and another one with the sound designers, A1 and A2 for "The Band's Visit". On the Friday of the convention, I volunteered in the PMC Atmos room, which was a really great chance to hear the system's capabilities, and also to catch several of the student event. This year, I much more comfortable networking with professionals, and was able to make some valuable connections thanks to that. Overall, I'm very grateful for the chance to attend this year, and can't wait to go again in 2019!

AES 2018 was the first AES convention I've attended, and it was an incredible experience. Although the 12 hours spent driving there were not... ideal, it was all made up for (and exceeded) by the sheer volume and quality of all the events and lectures I attended. A tremendously diverse set of topics were represented through each day — from lectures by legendary audio engineers like Andrew Scheps and Al Schmitt to presentations by leaders in cutting-edge technology fields like XR and machine learning — and every single one had something more to offer. That's what I liked most about the convention. As a sophomore I still don't know exactly what I want to do in audio, but the amount of different topics covered at AES helped guide me a bit more towards what I am truly inspired by. I will definitely be attending next year, and definitely gunning for that mixing competition!

This year was my first time attending the international AES convention, and it was a great learning experience all in all in many different ways! I was able to meet a plethora of people working to achieve the same relative goals as myself in many different ways. Meeting and connecting with these people helped to expand my horizon with what is possible in the music industry, and I learned more ways I can further my career. AES provided me with the ability to gain insight into the future of music technology, which can help me adapt to the coming changes more quickly!

AES2018 was my third year attending the convention and definitely not my last. Each year serves as a different learning experience filled with new networking opportunities and professional relationships, but it was great to see some familiar faces and exhibitors on the convention floor. I volunteered in the PMC Atmos Room; it was cool to see the advance in technology, which conveniently supplemented the information I received in my Immersive Audio/Surround Sound class about 360 Audio and 5.1/7.1 mixing. I learned a lot from this year's Student Recording Competition finalists and the feedback from the panel; I'm looking forward to applying the expertise to my potential 2019 submissions. As I'm finishing up my studies at IU, I felt more driven towards finding more concrete work in New York through AES and capitalize on the connections I've made.

This was my second year attending the AES Convention, and I learned a lot from the experience once again! I felt much more comfortable navigating around the convention, and tracking down the events I wanted to see after attending the year before. This year, I was able to network with new students and professionals I met on the floor, as well as reconnect with friends I had made at the convention last year. I volunteered at the Production Sound Stage on the exhibition floor, and learned things like: how to set up a Facebook Live Stream using audio from a Focusrite interface, tips and tricks from engineers Bob Clearmountain and Fabrice Dupont, the wrong way to learn recording from TapeOp editor Larry Crane, and how to deliver high quality audio for post production no matter the timeline or budget. Other notable events I attended were a demo of L-Acoustics new speaker system L-ISA, Yamaha NEXOS line array demo, STAAG mic technique explained (Jamie's design!), file delivery requirements for each audio distribution format, and a talk with Al Schmidt (where I got a signed copy of his new book). I look forward to attending the convention next year, and further growing my network of industry professionals!

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