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Beijing - October 28, 2018

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AES Beijing Section holds seminar
Report on the fifth activity in 2018

On October 28, 2018, it was a plain weekend in Beijing that was blowing the autumn wind. A group of AES members took a break to the Wanda Institute of Literature and Tourism in the center of Goldenland to participate in the fifth gathering of AES members this year.
As usual, the membership activity is divided into two sections: the morning is the General Assembly and the technical seminar; the afternoon is the technical exchange of the AES Engineer Training Camp.
Participant group photo
Students from the School of Information, Peking University, Professor Qu Tianshu, Qiao Yue and Lin Jing attended the technical exchange activities in the afternoon.

At the beginning of the general meeting, Chairman Wang Shusen, who just attended the AES145 New York Convention, introduced the highlights of the New York Congress. Later, he reported on the contents of the recent promotion of the AES standard in China. When we talked about the implementation of the AES67+70 standard in China, there was a ardently discussion. Everyone agrees that it is necessary to organize the AES67+70 standard seminar to promote the implementation of network audio interconnection in the industry.
Chairman Wang Shusen reports on the promotion of AES 145 New York Conference and AES standards at the General Assembly

Today's technical discussion session was the keynote address of the event's organizer, Luo Fei, the head of the audio and video field of Wanda Travel, who was the "New Challenge for the Liberal Business Format - Audio Video Project". Taking the famous Qingdao Shadow Capital Project as an example, he introduced how Wanda Travel has selected technology and equipment systems in large-scale performing arts venues. He also shared the technical details of using the variable reverberation technology to complete the function transformation in the large-scale multi-purpose performance hall. Everyone showed great interest in his speech and raised many issues of concern to everyone. They all said that they have the opportunity to visit the Oriental Film City and listen to the wonderful sound of the largest variable reverberation hall in China.
Luo Fei members speak at the technical seminar

The AES Beijing Membership Training Camp employs Luo Fei members as members of the lecturer group.

Professor Wang Zexiang awarded a lecturer certificate to Luo Fei members

The technical exchange activities in the afternoon are very colorful. Qiao Yue and Lin Jing, who rushed from the Peking University Laboratory, brought a spherical 3D microphone system. They first introduced the development process and results of this project. This is one of the key experimental projects of artificial intelligence of Peking University School of Information. It is hosted by Professor Qu Tianshu and guides students to develop. This achievement has already published academic papers and applied for patents. Everyone listened with great interest to the system's live pickup and playback through headphones, giving high praise. It has a very clear sound quality and very detailed and accurate sound orientation. Everyone is very interested in its application in practical situations, and put forward some suggestions for improvement.

Qiao Yue and Lin Jing from the Peking University Laboratory to the meeting

Members in turn listen to the live venue effect recorded by the spherical 3D microphone

Next, Xie Yong from XYCAD shared their newly developed intelligent network platform—AVL-Top Through this platform, the initial configuration scheme of the sound system applied in different occasions can be simply customized, and a simple and effective tool for the system quotation scheme is provided for the suppliers who are engaged in the fixed installation system. Everyone thinks that this tool is very creative and practical, and it also proposes some suggestions for its application.
Xie Yong was introducing the newly launched online platform---AVL-Top
AVL-Top platform main page

The final project of the technical exchange was the activity of the AES Engineer Training Camp for each event. Professor Wang Zexiang, the chief expert, and Liu Zili, the director of the R&D department, gave a speech on the theme of "Listening of Listening — Impact of Monitor Speakers on Program Quality". The two lecturers elaborated on the technical performance indicators that the monitor speakers must meet, and clarified some basic concepts of audible electroacoustics. It also vividly describes the performance and anecdotes of various brand monitor speakers in the recording of the program over the years. Everyone expressed their appreciation for such training camp courses. It is recommended to hold special lectures to consolidate your basic knowledge and improve professional skills. This is also the goal that the AES Beijing membership has been insisting on to carry out training camp activities.

Professor Wang Zexiang and Liu Zili Executive Committee lectured at the training camp
Professor Wang Zexiang vividly explained the electroacoustic performance of the monitor amplifier.

Liu Zili lecturer carefully analyzes the characteristics of the monitoring equipment

The event did not end until 5 pm, and everyone was still unsatisfied. They expressed satisfaction with all the content of the event, and felt that it took a lot of time to participate in the AES Beijing membership group.
Zhao Bingkun Honorary Chairman, Jia Wei Secretary, Zhao Ping Member, Qu Tianshu Lecturer, Vice President Yu Xiao, Wu Chengzhong Executive Committee, Dong Jian Member, etc., failed to attend due to official duties and other reasons. Thanks to Qu Tianshu for sending students to demonstrate the results of scientific research! Thanks to Teacher Meng Zihou for introducing the students to the meeting!
In the summary of this event, Chairman Wang Shusen expressed his gratitude to the participating members in Beijing, especially to those who have come from other cities to support member activities. Thanks again for the support of the Wanda Institute of Travel and Tourism, which hosted the event, and the wonderful project report from Luofei! See you next time!

Host: AES Beijing Member Group / AES (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd.
Undertake: Wanda Institute of Travel and Tourism
Written by: Wang Shusen
Beijing, October 30, 2018

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