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Austrian - September 28, 2018

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After a come-together the meeting began with an interesting workshop in the Klangdom Pischelsdorf. Winfried Ritsch and his dome master provided us much information and live demos to the following topics:
1) theory about multi-channel sound systems (ambisonics,...),
2) design and development of the affordable autonomous ambisonics systems (technics, controls),
3) demonstrations of the capabilities of the system,
4) a live concert using that system.

Then, the annual general meeting of the AES Austria was held in a local authentic Buschenschank.
1) Piotr Majdak (chairman) reported about the status and development of our section, mainly statistics, activities, and the interaction with the AES headquarter.
2) Thomas Gmeiner (treasurer) gave an overview about the financial developments during the last year.
3) Holger Waubke (auditor) confirmed that the sections money development was according to the Austrian association law.
4) Elections led to two changes in the commitee: Katharina Pollack was elected as our new vice-chair, Nadja Wallaszkovits (previously vice-chair) was elected to the committee.
5) Future events and visits were discussed among the members. General audio topics werde discussed.

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