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Middle Tennessee State University - September 13, 2018

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Over thirty students attended the Sept. 13th AES orientation in MTSU's Studio/Lab B. Most of the attendees were new first-year or new transfer students in the audio production program.

Faculty advisor/professor Michael Fleming welcomed everyone and offered an overview of AES student section activities for the fall semester and 2018-19 academic year. He emphasized that pre-candidacy students are especially welcome at AES events, where they can begin to network with upper division students and learn about topics related to the core AP curriculum.

At this meeting, facilities director Dale Brown and chief engineer Alton Dellinger introduced themselves and described opportunities for students to work in the audio maintenance shop in various roles throughout their MTSU careers. The group then spread out to enjoy hands-on demos in the control room and tracking room, where there was lots of Q&A about MTSU procedures, session etiquette, signal flow and equipment.

A hand-out was distributed containing AES info links, rules-of-thumb for assistant engineering, and basic signal flow guides for MTSU studios A, B, D and E.

Visit the MTSU Student AES chapter's Facebook page for a downloadable PDF version of the handout.

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