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Taiwan - June 30, 2018

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?Introduction on the 3 companies (Slate Digital, Townsend and Antelope) and their key men
•Introduction on virtual microphone systems from the 3 companies
•Slate Digital
• The Virtual Microphone System set: VMS ML-1, ML-2, VMS-One
•Townsend Labs Sphere L22
• Native Plugin (Sphere & Sphere 180)
• Virtual microphone categories (LD 47K, LD87, Sphere diffuse, ...)
•Antelope Audio
• Edge and Verge and their virtual microphones (Berlin 47 FT, Tokyo 800T, Vienna 414, Aalborg 4006, Perth 55, ...)
•Ocean Way Studio featured microphones: OW-47, OW-12 #1, OW-269, OW-K53, OW-K3A, OW-57U3...
•GUI User Interface of the 3 Companies
• Omnidirectional, subcardioid, bi-directional, hypercardioid,...
• Differences between large/small microphone diaphragms
• Off Axis Correction
•Microphone placement (for recording)
• XY technique, blumnein technique, spaced pair technique,...
•Price comparison of virtual microphones from the 3 companies
•Live test of virtual microphones in studio

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