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Taiwan - June 29, 2018

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?Digital wireless microphone system
•Digital modulation — phase shift keying
•Spectral efficiency
• Conventional frequency setup v.s. Digital 9000&6000 frequency setup
•Intermodulation distortion
•Simple switching diversity v.s. True diversity v.s. True bit diversity
•The sonic improvements for the engineer:
• Better transient response
• Less noise introduced into the system. Channels can stay opened if needed.
• No possibility of open squelch
• Less EQ because of a more natural sound
•Shotgun Microphone technology
•Microphone categories and their individual introduction:
• Camera built-in
• Clip-on
• Headworn
• Camera-mount mini shotgun
• Interference shotgun
•Microphone placement (regarding relative distance)
•Applications: news reporting, documentary, interview,...

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