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Universidad San Francisco de Quito, Ecuador - April 27, 2018

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The conference took place in the Teatro Casa Blanca at USFQ and was address by three professors from the Faculty of Music (CoM) of Universidad San Francisco de Quito.

The event consisted in breaking down the approach of recording a mini big band, the two different set ups that were used, and to discuss several technical aspects of the process of the recording. For this purpose, a mini big band called Pocket Band contributed us with their performance for this event.

In order to do this, Darcila gave a brief introduction about the musical evolution of big bands, the reduction of a big band of a mini big band ensamble, and the musical reduction from a big band to a mini big band. Then, Gabriel and Hazel explained the parallel evolution and history of Big Band recording and displayed several audio examples. After that, they explained two different set ups employed for the recording and the difference between both of them.

Finally, the recording took place with the Pocket Band performing and followed by Gabriel and Hazel addressing and explaining several aspects of the recording.

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