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Taiwan - May 26, 2018

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The 8 Working Groups in the Taiwan Section are formed by different fields of experts (all of whom are AES members). In previous meetings it was decided that the Working Groups would take turns holding forums regarding their specialized fields. In this Section meeting, it is further decided that study groups would be formed within each Working Group to share digested information weekly. For example, the topic could be sound effects for weapons in video games. In addition, 28 more members have joined the Working Groups in this Section meeting.

List of the Working Groups:
1. Acoustic
2. Recording Technology and Practices
3. Sound Reinforcement
4. Network Audio Systems
5. Audio For Games
6. Audio for Film and VR
7. Sound Design
8. Analog Reproduction

Future plans of some of the Working Groups:
1. The Acoustic Group:
Combine architectural acoustics with digital signal processing, turning to digital operation when it comes to measuring obstacles in traditional acoustics.
2. The Audio for Film and VR Group:
Discuss and unify standards regarding playback environments, such as the loudness level in theaters, speaker adjustment standards and sound pressure levels of TV broadcasting.

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