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Middle Tennessee State University - October 24, 2007

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The seminar began with a lecture in Middle Tennessee State University's critical lIstening lab by John Hill, professor of recording industry at MTSU and recording archivist for the Schermerhorn Symphony Center in Nashville, TN. Mr. Hill spoke about the goals when miking drums, the different philosophies on drum mixing, microphone placement, and microphone selection. The focus of the event then moved to the studio where drummer Nick D'Virgilio (Spock's Beard, Peter Gabriel, Tears for Fears, Genesis, Sheryl Crow and BFD Drums) had set up his kit. Microphones were placed and the signal chain for the session was explained to the the audience. The drums were simultaneously tracked both into Pro Tools and onto 2" analog tape so the differences between the two could be examined at the end of the session. Throughout the session microphones were moved and replaced to achieve the desired sound. The event was a great learning experience for the audience (which approached 100 students and faculty) as well as the section officers who learned more about the logistics and planning of large events.

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