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Beijing - March 31, 2018

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AES Beijing Section held the first Seminar 2018
The situation regarding the preserving to the audio information in China.

Following the Inside Track of AES website, April Issue "Archiving, Restoration and Digital Libraries" AES Beijing Section arranged a seminar, discussed about the situation regarding the preserving to the audio information in China.
The seminar was in the National Library China in Beijing. The section supporter, Beijing Zhongkehuijin Science & Technology Co., Ltd. Hosted the seminar.
By convention, before the seminar began, a general AES member's meeting was held.
After the membership meeting, the seminar began. Firstly, Xiaojie Zhang, a senior recording engineer of China National Recording Company, introduced the hardships they have experienced in preserving sound sources. Among them, many times have talked about many lessons that should be learned. He used a large number of examples to enumerate the problems that often occurred during the process of transferring audio files from tapes and records to hard disks, analyzed the causes of the problems, and reminded everyone of the issues to be noted in the future preserving works.
The host of the seminar, Zhiyuan Xiong, general manager of Zhongkehuijin, introduced the company's efforts in archiving and restoration to the National Audio Source Project in recent years. He and the chief engineer, specialist of audio source restoration, Xiaobing Qiao demonstrated the specific operating procedures and precautions for the preserving of their sound sources.
Everyone gave a high degree of evaluation of their meticulous work attitude and scientific and rigorous work flow. Everyone also has an extremely strong interest in the audio and old objects that are placed around them.
The seminar activity received the expected results. Everyone praised such activities. Zhongkehuijin stated that with the assistance of AES Beijing, it will recommend to the international industry standards for audio protection that they have presided over to develop international standards and conduct extensive exchanges and cooperation with international counterparts.
The AES Beijing Section will organize professional seminars as required to train qualified personnel for timely and effective rescue and rational use of existing audio resources in various industries in China.

AES Beijing Section, Beijing China 31, March 2018

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