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Nigeria - March 12, 2018

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Nigeria — Monday 12, 2018

Meeting Topics and Main Facilitators
The Art of Microphone Techniques — Mr. Diran Olajoyegbe
Psychoacoustics Demystify — Mr. Stephen Aluko
SPL and Your Health — Mr. David Joshua
Room Tone and its Effects — Mr Diran Olajoyegbe

The Bi-monthly general meeting of the Nigeria AES section was held on Monday 12th March 2018 at GiG House, Ogba Ikeja Lagos, Nigeria.

During the standard meeting deliberations regarding members dues, administrative issues, and invitations for new members to join the AES, Brief lectures were delivered on the above topics to educate members and increase their knowledge and stimulate interest for the society.
Mr Diran Olajoyegbe delivered a lecture on the Art of Microphone Techniques where he stressed the importance of having the adequate knowledge of microphone selection and positioning for different types of signals.

Various applications of microphone selections and positionings were demonstrated to members.
He also talked about Room Tone and its effects where he gives various examples of adaptable room acoustics where absorbers and resonators can be adapted to various types of music.

Mr. Stephen Aluko delivered a brief lecture on Psychoacoustics. He started by analyzing the dual natures of sound as it may be considered as a physical disturbance in a medium such as air which is the objective nature of sound.

And also, as a psychological perception resulting from nerve impulses stimulating the acoustic cortex of the brain.

He also differentiates between acoustic and psychoacoustic given the meaning as follows:
Acoustic is a science that studies sound wave behavior within a space while psychoacoustic is the study of how human beings perceived and respond to sound behavior in a space.

He also made know to members that for a sound to be perceived, there must be three requirements which are:
1. An applied force to initiate the displacement of molecules, such as a hammer hitting a wall or a finger plucking the strings of guitar.
2. A medium with molecules in sufficient quantity for the waves to propagates, such as air or water
3. An observer to interpret the pressure waves as sound. Hence sound perception.

Mr. David Joshua talked about SPL and Your Health. Human perceptions of sound are not linear but logarithmic, hence the continue exposure to high sound pressure levels brings danger to human health. Some of the dangers includes Hearing Loss, Eardrum ringing, Headaches, annoyance responses etc.

He emphasized that it is highly recommended to have a limited timeframe to continuous exposure to high volume of sound.

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