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Webster University - March 8, 2018

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It was a very busy month for the Webster University AES. We started the month off with our Concert Series on February 9th. The concert series gave students an opportunity to get hands on with setting up a live sound rig and working with talent.

We also hosted our annual student run Central Region Audio Student Summit this month over the weekend of February 23rd - 25th. There were many great panelists involved including our keynote speaker Bob McCarthy, Paul Womack, Margaret Luthar, David Scheirman, Dr. Sean Olive, and many others. We had panels on topics ranging from audio codecs, to broadcast engineering, to breaking into the industry. Some notable panels were In-Ear Monitoring and Hearing Loss, System Networking, and Recording with Gear under $200. There was also a Mix Competition judged by Dr. Ian Corbett, Bill Schulenburg, and Ben Majchzrak. The top 3 contestants earned prizes such as JBL monitors, headphones, and books from Focal Press. The Summit was a great success and we will continue to look for improvements as we begin planning for next year's Summit.

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