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Indiana University - February 28, 2018

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The Audio Engineering Society at Indiana University invited mastering engineer Adam Grover and entertainment industry attorney Farrah Usmani for a "Connecting to the Music Industry" event.
This event was part of a series of events in order to engage the larger student community outside of the Audio Engineering & Sound Production Department.
Adam Grover and Farrah Usmani brought both sides of the music industry spectrum to the discussion: Adam Grover appealed to the technical side with information on the current state of the post-production/mastering process and Farrah Usmani contributed to any questions regarding entertainment/business affairs. The most prominent part of the discussion was distinguishing yourself from the pack by honing-in on a specific field within your interests and the industry itself. This is directly related to improving your profile/resumé to make it constantly relevant and focused instead of applying your work to a broader community; it's simply too competitive to generalize your work. It's also very important to exploit your resources by utilizing your respective alumni network, as well as taking advantage of any PR you can carry-out yourself through social media networking and associating yourself with extracurricular opportunities, especially if it's through a professional organization.
AESIU would like to thank Adam Grover and Farrah Usmani for their time, as well as the Project Jumpstart team for their contributions in making this event successful.

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