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Beijing - March 1, 2018

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AES The Inside Track Chinese version on line

At the end of 2017, Shusen Wang, vice president of AES for Asia-Pacific Region, received a notice from Bob Moses,the executive director of the AES headquarter, The Inside Track will be published in 2018, hoping AES Beijing will be able to synchronously produce the Chinese version. Shusen Wang readily accepted this arduous task.
Upon receipt of the assignment, Shusen Wang started to organize translation groups through volunteer members in WeChat. By soliciting sign up, the transliteration group quickly set up. A temporary compilation committee started an arduous task immediately. Editor-in-chief of the compilation committee by Shusen Wang in person; Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of acoustics, professor Xiaodong Li and Peking University, Professor Tianshu Qu volunteer to serve as final reviewers, veteran young member, Ye Yangzu volunteered for web editing, and now has taken on the Web Chief-Editor's responsibility, and Guo Zongbo Guo, Xu Jialu Xu, as AES members together to establish a web editing team.
The editor in charge of the first online magazine in 2018 is Professor Jing Wang, Beijing Institute of Technology, who organizes her translation team to translate journals titled "SOUND QUALITY PREDICTION". The second issue of the theme of "LOUDNESS" and also the third issue of the topic of "HEADPHONE"by ACE Shanghai Technical Director, Feng Guo.
Now the February issue has been launched, the March issue will be on line next week. The January issue is also ready and can be launched soon.
As already stated in the February issue of the Editor-in-Chief: "The Chinese version will be implemented in a step-by-step basis, so stay tuned. Recently we have mainly translated the topics, the article directories, the abstracts and the prefaces. Please be timely interested in the paper, according to the needs of some of the full text of the translation will be welcomed. "As the translation team has just established full-text translation of each of the papers have considerable difficulties, so negotiated Shusen Wang with headquarters It is agreed that the current Chinese version will only be in simplified form and will be expanded and matured as the translation team expands gradually.
Chinese version of the on-line, caused a great response. This is the first time AES official website in Chinese release information. This also indicates that in the near future, AES official website Chinese version will also be born. This is a blessing for AES members in China and provides a new way for Chinese members to participate in international technological exchanges.
Here, we would like to thank the volunteers who have joined the translators for their hard work, so that the treasures of AES can be enjoyed by the general membership of China as soon as possible. Thank you all! At the same time, editor in chief appeal, members actively involved in the compilation work, expanding the translation team, as soon as possible to achieve the goal---translating the full text of the papers!

Written by:
AES Inside Track Chinese Version Compilation Committee
March 1, 2018

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