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Indiana University - October 25, 2017

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The Audio Engineering Society at Indiana University collaborated with Project Jumpstart for a "Remix" event following the "Recording Tips for Musicians" event.
A live chamber quintet was the recording source. Similar to the previous event in this series, many attendees brought a handheld recorder. AES at IU set-up an NOS pair of Shure KSM137's at the critical distance, while the attendees were instructed to place their recorders wherever they thought would result in the best product. After simultaneously recording the live chamber quintet, we cycled through every recorder and compared it to our recording of the KSM137's. After analyzing and informing the attendees on their recorder placement, we recorded a second take.
All of the recordings were significantly improved. The improvements were due to several factors: establishing the critical distance point, working around all of the respective recorder settings like different stereo miking configurations, bass roll-off, and automatic gain control.
AES at IU would like to thank Project Jumpstart for promoting the event and making it so successful, as well as a huge thanks to the chamber quintet who volunteered their time to help with this event!

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