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Vancouver - September 24, 2009

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Dr. Floyd Toole gave a presentation discussing the current state of the audio industry and how modern testing techniques and updated equipment are not being widely distributed.

Here is an excerpt that he supplied:

The audio industry is based on sound reproduction — a recreation that strongly resembles an original performance, whether it is a live performance or an artistic creation in a mixing/mastering room. Yet, for over 100 years, starting with Edison, it has been obvious that the recreations that consumers have been hearing have been not only different from the originals, but different from each other. Some of the variability can be traced to a lack of consistency in the creative process (e.g. non-standardized, even idiosyncratic, monitor loudspeakers and control rooms) and some to huge variability in playback (e.g. all manner of loudspeakers, headphones and car audio systems). Music has survived these abuses, and the directional and spatial deprivations imposed by monophony for about 50 years, and stereophony for more than 50. The core of the art: musicianship, melody, harmonies, rhythm and lyrics have prevailed. But, we can do much better.

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