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Indiana University - November 10, 2017

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Members of the Indiana University AES chapter visited Grace Church in Noblesville, IN to experience the Constellation System by Meyer. Grace Church has designed an auditorium specifically to include the Constellation System. The Constellation System works by controlling reverberation time, early reflections etc. in order to change the sonic environment of any space. It uses high quality microphones, loudspeakers, and complex algorithms to synthesize acoustic environments. In Grace Church, the Constellation System uses 32 microphones, 96 loudspeakers, and 4 subwoofers to optimize the room. We were fortunate enough to have gotten the opportunity to experiment with the controller and settings on the Constellation System; we really got to know how it works. It was a wonderful experience and we hope to have a Meyer Constellation System installed in one of the Jacobs School of Music venues someday.

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