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District of Columbia - August 9, 2017

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The meeting was called to order at 7:15 with 30 members and potential members present, and with a general topic of rebuilding the D.C. section.

We began with an introduction of our newly elected officers and a statement that if any of the members have questions or concerns they should bring them to us. We discussed communications and asked that all members make sure their email address is current.

The upcoming AES convention in NY, was discussed, registration is open, and there's something for everyone there.

Of those in attendance over half were members. We discussed why joining makes sense for many reasons, especially if you are going to the convention

Brad McCoy and Bob Norton from the Library of Congress talked about the LOC and the upcoming conference. Brad also provided us with some history about the Radio Preservation Act, created by Congress in 2000, which provided resources to preserve American heritage. With the help of President Emeritus and Conference Chair John Krivit the conference at the Culpepper facility june 28-30 2018 is moving forward. Shenandoah Conservatory is going to help, and Brad is seeking more help through AES members. There will be interaction with engineers and tours. Brad then opened the floor for questions about archiving and preservation and the software they use.

Aes appeals to a wide group of people in audio, but we need to get the word out Leadership asked the members to pass the word along to everyone. We also discussed the best way to get hold of everyone? Social Media, Email? Linkedin. It was generally agreed that the Facebook group should be more open for all members to post about what they're doing.

Meeting locations - we will try to move them around to different locations to serve a wider section of our members. Live stream and Facebook Live were discussed as options for those who were unable to attend. Are we willing to move around to different locations? How can we help moving forward? How often will we meet? We are vacillating between one month and two months, but we roll with the opportunities.

It was also suggested that be post job opportunities, via facebook or other form of job board

The floor was then opened to see who wanted to host the next meeting. Contact one of the officers if you can host a future meeting.

We discussed appealing to a wider group of people geographically, Delaware, Pennsylvania, southern Virginia.. Let's get them jump in a car and come to our meeting, or we can carpool to a meeting there.

At 8:30 official business ended and Conrad took over for a listening session, describing his studios (in Herndon and in Bethesda), an impressive live room with four iso booths and two rehearsal studios and a versatile facility that can handle a wide variety of events from recording to classes to private events.

Conrad then opened up the room for a listening session, and participants played recent mixes.

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