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Austrian - October 16, 2017

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The meeting began with a short presentation of the lab history of the Acoustics Research Institute of the Austrian Academy of Sciences. Then, in small groups, visitors were presented with the new tools of the acoustic lab. 1) A 64-channel EEG system for objective measurements of brain activity as a response to audio signals. 2) An ultrasound tounge imaging (UTI) system to visualize the tounge position and shape while speaking for a better understanding of the speech production. 3) virtual-reality setup with individualized/switchable head-related transfer functions for a better binaural virtual acoustic systems. 4) A 91-channel loudspeaker array, with a spatial resloution below the human spatial precision, for psychoacoustic experiments on spatial audio and spatial auditory system.

Then, the general meeting was held to summarize the events concerning AES Austria during the last year, and to plan for the upcoming year.
1) Piotr Majdak (chairman) reported about the status and development of our section, mainly statistics and activities.
2) Thomas Gmeiner (treasurer) gave an overview about the financial developments during the last year.
3) Holger Waubke (auditor) confirmed that the sections money development was according to the Austrian association law.
4) Future events and visits were discussed among the members. General audio topics werde discussed.

The next board elections are planned for 2018.

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