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Beijing - August 20, 2017

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Meeting Report
AES Beijing Section 4th -2017

On August 20, AES Beijing Section held the 4th meeting of this year.
At the beginning Shusen Wang introduced the organization chart of AES briefly and the results of the new selection for current AES Asia Pacific region.
In the technical program session, Shusen Wang introduced the standard of AES and AES20 "subjective evaluation standard of speaker sound quality". This document analyzes the characteristics of room standard, sound source, evaluation process, evaluation content, test report and other provisions of the considerations.
Wang Zexiang introduced the Chinese national standard GB / T16463-96 "radio program sound quality subjective evaluation and technical production specifications", pointed out that listening evaluation of the necessary conditions, namely listening room, equipment, program source, evaluation language, The standard of the evaluation table. Through the introduction, we understand the subjective evaluation of sound quality standards and processes, but also understand the Chinese and international standards in the development process due to the concept, habits, national conditions and other differences.
In the presentation of "Subjective Appraisal Application and Prospect of Sound Quality", the founder of Zain blog network technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. firstly analyzed the new situation about the manufactures of small speakers, and then introduced the automatic correction by changing the time domain phase to fix most of the frequency domain problems, but also introduced in particular the machine learning into the speaker production acceptance process.
Finely AES member, general manager of Trueanalog, founder of Loudspeaker Sourcing Show (speaker resource exhibition), Philips Richardson introduced the speaker subjective evaluation of the actual operation process and standards, demonstrated the speaker height, the speaker between the distance, the position of the speaker and the listener, the positional relationship between the speaker and the microphone, etc .; and discussed the relationship between the subjective evaluation of science and the personal preference. He also with his assistant, Eva Lee, made a short presentation for the Loudspeaker Sourcing Show after the Lunch. The members were very interested in the show and some of them will come to the show in October.

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