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Taiwan - August 12, 2017

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AES Taiwan Section   Meeting Minuets

The first gathering of AES Taiwan section after official announcement was held at MCU Taipei on Aug. 12th, 2017.

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Monbaza Chang (host), Paul Fang, Chien Hsun Yen, Hao Lun Huang, A-Kuei Chen, Lu Tai Chen, yuhsi chen, Stanley Cheng, Chao-Chih G. Huang, Huan Lung Huang, anthany Li, Amcli J. Lin, Sonya Wang, Jr., Shu-Nung Yao, Ben Wang, Vince Kao, Kenny Fan, Geroge Soong, Chwei Ching Yeh, T'song Ming Yang, Brian You, Wei Fu Yang

1. To decide: date of our first annual meeting
2. Briefing: of how we start AES Taiwan Section to all present and past member participants.
3. Plening: how we want it to be for our first year.
4. Members' business activities update
1. Date of the first annual meeting is expected on November 18th, 2017, and during this meeting, we're expecting to elect a well respected audio person as our first chairman.
2. Follow on: Official visiting our existing members, matters concerning registration of an official association locally, preparation of the first annual meeting. The venue for our first annual meeting must be well planned and for the moment,  we've assign Mr. Chien-Hsun Yen as excutive secretary to follow all details.
3. A sustainable Taiwan registered association is critical as to handle the possible financial as well as operational issues .
4. As the incurred expense of a) establish a registered a sustainable Taiwan registered association and b) first annual meeting, is yet to be sponsored by members and other resource.
5. Grouping our members talent into 4 different sub-sessions.
6. AES Taiwan is considering of launching a little project of translating the Pro Audio Reference on AES webpage into Traditional Chinese version as our starting point. We might divide the whole 300+ entries, pass them on and let everybody do some job.

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