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Beijing - June 29, 2017

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AES Beijing Section

Report of the activities of June 2017

On June 29, 2017, at the recording studio of Beijing Aixin Jufu Electronic Music Equipment Co., Ltd., located in Chaocheng Road, Chaoyang District, AES Beijing Section held the meeting in Beijing with the members in Beijing and the surrounding area for technical exchange activities.

Mr. Wang Shusen, Chair of the Section, chaired the event. The event sponsors , Harman Beijing and Aixin Jufu Company representatives, Harman China professional audio division Wu Chengzhong manager and Aixin Jufu company general manager, Gao Aijun, respectively, to the paticipants of the participants warmly welcome.
Honorable Chairman of the Association, Mr. Zhao Bingkun, Secretary General of the Special Committee on Audio and Video Engineering, congratulated the meeting on behalf of the Association and congratulated the delegation on this year's meeting to visit AES's New York Conference. Then, to the guests and members of the participants one after the other made a brief self-introduction. In particular, it should be mentioned that members from outside the city of Beijing also came to participate in activities, they are: from Shandong Jinan Sun Yunlei, from Hangzhou, vice chairman of the Beijing Section, Yu Xiao and from Shenzhen Tang Lei. Sun Yunlei with this trip had an another purpose, to feel the activities of the Beijing Section of the atmosphere, ready to convene local members in Shandong learn from Beijing, for the right time to establish a local organization. We wish his goal as soon as possible, and members of the Beijing Chapter will be able to visit their section activities.
Mr. Wang Shusen expressed his gratitude to Beijing Aixin Jufu Electronic Music Equipment Co., Ltd. for the support of this meeting and presented the Supporting Company of AES Beijing Section, Xinfu Electronic Music Equipment Co., Ltd. together with Professor Wang Zexiang and Zhao Bingkun.

The technical lecture section of the conference, first held a small new book conference, Professor Wang Zexiang to introduce his personally edited the new book "listening evaluation manual", and listening evaluation of a number of key issues Explain, at the same time on-site signature book. The editor of the book editor of the electronic industry press, Ms. Zhang Nan is also on the scene for everyone to tell the book published in the process of the hardships encountered. The section also took the opportunity to release the "China" Golden Ear "listening evaluation teacher training project" start.

Subsequently, Dr. Wang Jing of Beijing Institute of Technology made a thematic report entitled "Virtual Reality Audio Technology and Standardization Research". She explained in detail the VR technology background and current situation, VR standardization process, especially the domestic VR standardization, virtual reality immersed audio key technology and VR audio quality evaluation methods to explore the possible application scenarios VR. The section will work with her to hold a thematic VR / AR seminar at the appropriate time.

Prof. Li Dakang, a well-known recording expert from China Communication University, has made a presitation on music surround sound recordings for everyone based on his years of music recording and teaching experience, combined with examples of microphone setup and production methods.

After a brief lunch time, Mr. Zhao Ping shared his recent years in the recording method of patent research results --- omnidirectional pickup device. For members to explain and demonstrate his research and development of the omnidirectional pickup device, and for everyone to showcase the equipment recorded works. Members were enthusiastically listening to the different models of headphones, respectively, Zhao Ping specifically for the younger generation recorded with headphones to listen to the recording works, Zhao Ping to save the young people to listen to the practical action and the initiative to give a high degree of appreciation, His research results gave a high degree of evaluation, and sincerely congratulated him in the upcoming World Stage Association in Taipei, the activities of the speech a great success! Zhao Ping is proud to tell us that he gives us this speech before going to the international conference speech, the first release of his paper to the AES Beijing Section activities. We are proud of this, but also for Zhao Ping's patriotic feelings expressed admiration!

In the subsequent introduction of new technology links, Harman Group's professional audio division of the Tang Lei manager of Harman's new products, new technology for everyone to do a detailed introduction. As a result of this new technology to use large data collection of internationally renowned large-scale performance sound engineer's tuning means for the artist to simplify the work difficult, once caused the members of the hot - will not grab the sound of the teacher's rice bowl? In fact, not, our rice bowl will always end in our own hands, who can not grab, as long as we have been trying to do their own!

A number of new technologies involved in the report of the conference have aroused the enthusiastic discussion of the members, which is a purpose of our activities. As the arrangement of the theme of the speech more, we talk about the time of the speaker is very short, always feel something more to say. On this point we will be appropriate to improve the future activities can be less theme, focus on the discussion we are most concerned about the theme. Also hope that we usually in the micro-credit group to mention their own comments and suggestions for the choice of the theme of the event ready. Although some do not have fun, but we also on the activities of the highly praised, and look forward to the reunion in August.

Contributions provided: Jia Mao Shen
Editor released: Wang Shusen
July 5, 2017 Beijing

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