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Mexico - April 23, 2017

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The Annual Conference AES Mexico 2017 took place from April 23 to 25, bringing top engineers from different parts of the continent to share their expertise with the new generation of audio engineers.
This year, David Bottrill (Canada), Alex Case (USA), Ken Scott (England), Vance Powell (USA), Eduardo Vaisman (Argentina), John Meyer (USA), Andrés Mayo (Argentina), Luis Quiñones (Mexico) and Sylvia Massy (USA) shared their knowledge during this three days in 9 conferences and one onsite workshop by Eduardo Vaisman, "Audio for video games using Wwise".
We also held the third edition of the Latin American Student Recording Competition; finals took place during each day prior to the conferences. The quality of the recordings this year improved remarkably compared to prior editions. Various participants traveled to Mexico from abroad in all three categories (1.Acustic traditional 2.Studio Traditional 3. Studio Modern) and some of our panelists were also the jurors of the competition. This year's competition chair was Andrés Millán from Colombia.
On average we had an average of 150 people attending each conference.

The conference was supported by different brands of pro audio equipment that provided equipment and other promotional materials to award the Recording Competition's winners.

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