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Danish - April 5, 2017

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Dynaudio hosted an AES meeting where the guests got an introduction to the company by R&D Engineer and Driver specialist Andreas Eberhardt Sørensen, CEO Max Jiang, AES Past President and CTO of Dynaudio Jan Abildgaard Pedersen. We heard about the company's history, business areas which covers both pro audio, automotive and home audio. Dynaudio has big plans for the future and already now have world-class facilities.
PhD student Xiaohui Ma presented intermediate results from his research on "Sound zones" which aims at allowing several persons in the same room to listen their own thing without disturbing each other and without having to wear headphones. Not an easy task in the real-world where e.g. loudspeaker non-linearities comes into play.
We now took a tour for the new facilities which includes both new office spaces, several listening rooms in various sizes and the gigantic loudspeaker measurement room "Jupiter".
The core of the new R&D facility is the measuring chamber Jupiter that has the dimensions of 13 m x 13 m x 13 m which includes two massive robotic arms — one for elevating and rotating the loudspeaker under test and the other, a 7 m wide semicircle array of 31 microphones for measuring the sound at numerous angles. The chamber serves to measure the direct sound from the loudspeaker eliminating reflections from the walls by means of time-gating. By turning the loudspeaker in a series of steps around the centre of the 31 microphone array the full pattern of the loudspeaker is quickly obtained. This will ultimately reduce the time from idea to finished product.
It is always great to get a chance to listen to the products since in the end it is the audio experience that matters. We had a chance to listen to Dynaudio's flagship active speaker the Focus 60 XD and newly developed In-wall speakers.
AES Denmark would like to thank Dynaudio for welcoming us to their facilities and providing food and drinks during the breaks.

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