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Beijing - April 16, 2017

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On April 16, 2017, AES Beijing Section has held the second meeting at Fangjia Hutong, home of the AES supporting member, Beijing Tianhai North System Integration Technology Co., Ltd.
(Photo 1: Fangjia Hutong front door)
Wang Shusen chaired the meeting. Before the meeting, Mr. Wang Shusen introduced several new faces in the participants. Next, the Honorary Chairman of the Section, Mr. Zhao Bingkun, Secretary General of the Special Committee on Audio and Video Engineering, delivered a congratulatory meeting on behalf of the Association.
In recognition of the outstanding contributions for AES membership (REFER-A-FRIEND) made by Chinese members, AES Beijing Section has commended the members of Wang Zexiang, Zhao Bingkun, Yu Xiao, Liu Jianfei, Xie Yong and Wang Shusen, and held awards ceremony at the meeting.
(Photo 2: awards)
The technical lecture of this conference was invited to Mr. Yu Xiao, who introduced the application of large-scale sound reinforcement system / adjustable directionality of array speakers technology in detail.
(Photo 3: Yu Xiao Lectures)
Subsequently, Pan Yisheng, Chief Technology Officer of WFS Acoustic Holographic System Technology, introduced the WFS Acoustic Holographic System Technology in Switzerland and its case in real performance projects.
(Photo 4: Pan Yisheng)
Two technical lectures with its rich content, innovative technology has aroused great concern of members.
After lunch, held a small new book conference, Professor Wang Zexiang to introduce the editor of the book "listening evaluation manual", and listening to a number of key issues to explain the evaluation.
(Photo 5: Professor Wang)
Subsequently, AES Beijing member units, the host of the meeting, Beijing Tianhai North System Integration Technology Co., Ltd. General Manager Mr. Li Zhiqiang for members to explain the independent research and development of intelligent home system, and in the exhibition hall for everyone 4D film and 3D Audio system presentation.
(Photo 6: Li Zhiqiang)
At the end of the meeting Wang Shusen expressed his gratitude to Beijing Tianhai North System Integration Technology Co., Ltd. for the support of this party on behalf of AES Beijing Section, and together with Professor Wang Zexiang issued the AES supporting member excellent sponsor certificate.
(Photo 7: awards)
Members of the participating activities have given a high degree of evaluation, looking forward to the June reunion.

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