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Indiana University - April 1, 2017

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As a 1998 Audio Technology alum from the Jacobs School of Music, Aaron Beck started his Live Theatre Production career through a simple resumé slip to the head carpenter of the local theatrical production. Gig after gig, Aaron Beck developed a seasoned resumé, working for productions like "Mamma Mia," "The Lion King," "Beauty and the Beast," and many more, even the Bluecoats Drum Corps. Aaron Beck currently works as the Head of Audio for Cirque du Soleil, contributing to the team for the "Michael Jackson One" show.
There is a plethora of moving parts to live theatrical productions. Getting the audience immersed in the sound is vital: utilizing a combination of near-field and overhead boundary speakers to incorporate a multi-channel surround system for every audience member, and even using a grid system in the theatre where multiple Crown Amplifiers can power separate left, center, and right speakers on each chair in the theatre!
Efficiency is always a valuable aspect to an audio engineer's workflow. With a solid audio crew, in addition to what some call overkill when having access to a doubled system for backups and quick temporary troubleshooting, Aaron Beck has very rarely experienced problems and hindered workflow during any and all theatrical productions.

This summary only skims through a small percentage of Aaron Beck's process. For more information, please contact
Thank you to Aaron Beck for sharing his expertise!

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