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Graz Student - October 10, 2016

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With every start of a new academic year, the students' union arranges the so-called 'Uni-Rallye'. Freshman students participate in groups and have to visit locations all around our campuses to train their orientation skills which are necessary when studying in Graz, since we do not have only one campus where the action happens. This year, the AES student section also had a completely station on their own. We did not need to think long about what program the station should host, since we wanted to gain many people on the Klangwerkstatt project. The task was to build a synthesizer (circuit diagram was given) which was controlled by an apple. Yes, you read that right: an apple! We successfully fullfilled our educational mandatory regarding hands-on experience with electronics and the fact that our study is a pretty tough one. On top of that, everybody had fun playing with food and electronics at the same time.

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