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Beijing - February 18, 2017

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AES Beijing Section Meeting Report

18th February 2017

On February 18, 2017, AES Beijing Section held the first of the 2017 annual meeting in Beijing and the surrounding area at the conference room of Dezhao Building, Institute of Acoustics, Chinese Academy of Sciences.
The meeting was chaired by Mr. Wang Shusen, Chair of Beijing Section. In accordance with the practice of AES member organization, the participating members first made a brief self-introduction. Next, Mr. Wang Shusen highlighted the relationship between AES Beijing Section and the Association of Audio and Video Engineering of China Audio and Video Publishing Association. Honorary Chairman of the Section, the Secretary-General of the Audio and Video Engineering Committee, Mr. Zhao Bingkun can not attend the meeting due to work reasons, instructed the vice chair of the Section, the leader of Committee of Experts from the audio and video engineering committee, Wang Zexang on behalf of the Association of the whole party participated in the activities and Speech, give the activities of strong support. Mr. Wang Shusen also introduced a number of "veterans" members for the start of AES Beijing's contribution and their respective achievements in related fields. Then, on the basis of the organization and development of the Beijing Section, AES reported to the participating members in the formation of the local departments.
Professor Yang Jun, the director of Institute of Acoustics of Chinese Academy of Sciences, gave a report regarding to the "oral history" project to explain the members of the participants. In the early stage of the project, Professor Yang Jun made a detailed investigation on the current domestic work, stressed that the project is different from other institutions in the past done by the old scientific biography, and the project more concerned about the development of audio engineering have an important impact on the scientific and technological personnel, technology companies, scientific research and related products. We have given this project a very high evaluation that this is for the Chinese audio and television industry to do a good model of traditional events.
Professor Li Xiaodong, the leader of Institute of Acoustics of Chinese Academy of Sciences from the interpretation of the latest issue of JAES start, reported the "JAES Chinese internal reference version" of the early translation work and future release ideas. From the article copyright, audience, translation quality, translation of the scope of the paper, "JAES Chinese internal reference version" made a lot of constructive comments and suggestions. Members said that JAES relied on its high-level author team, high-quality papers and the latest technical theory to provide audio technology researchers with a high-profile publishing platform. "JAES Chinese internal reference version" of the launch, easy to domestic more English reading is not smooth technical staff can quickly grasp the field of international dynamic, in promoting the latest technology promotion at the same time can attract more domestic technical staff to join the AES. In the development of new members have a great role in promoting. We are very grateful to Professor Li Xiaodong for his excellent work.
The conference's technical lecture was invited to the world's leading professional microphone and headphone manufacturer Sennheiser's technical director, Mr. Chen Ziqian, who gave us a detailed introduction to the use of wireless microphone and earphone feed back skills. In the subsequent part of the technical research, audio development enthusiasts Mr. Yan Zhiyuan made a report entitled "Micro-pulse will cause serious distortion of the audio system", the report was causing members to discuss.
At the end of the meeting, Mr. Wang Shusen made a concluding statement. First of all, thanks to the strong support of the Chinese Academy of Sciences for this meeting. Then, a brief overview of the organizational activities of the 2017 Division of the initial assumptions, and hope that members actively participate in May and October would be held in Berlin and New York AES International Convention. Participants are full of expectations for this year's event and are confident of the development of AES's Beijing membership.

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