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Beijing - December 16, 2016

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Mr. Shusen WANG, the Chair of the Section, summed up the activities of the AES section since its inception in June 2012.
2012 -2016 summary:
Beijing Section was established in June 2012 Beijing.
2012: organized 3 activities, in October the delegation participated in the 133 AES convention in San Francisco.
2013: organized 2 activities.
Increasing 50 members during this time. Beijing membership reached 120, the national membership reached 210.
2014-2016, adjournment, suspension of operation. But, organized to participate in each Convention of the AES.
October 2016: Restarted to be active.
December 16, 2016: Official recovery campaign. Convene a general meeting.
According to the AES convention, the officers of section were expired more than 3 years and absence of AES activity will automatically give up their roles of in the AES office.
Mr. Dong ZHANG, Represented the connecting technology of Neutrik.

Report of the meeting:
AES Beijing Section had an Annual Meeting of 2016

Photo#1: meeting room

December 16, 2016, It was a rare sunny Beijing winter. AES Beijing Section held its last meeting in a quiet wooden house at the foot of the Western Hills of Beijing City.
The meeting was hosted by Shusen WANG, Chair of the AES Beijing Section. Shusen WANG, who returned to Beijing from the work of the 141st convention of AES, brought the headquarters 'greetings to Beijing members, and also brought the headquarters' sincere gratitude to Chinese members and audio industry organizations. AES headquarter has been deeply concerned that in recent years, more and more Chinese members and institutions to the AES Conventions. In particular, a delegation led by Ju WANG, vice president and General Secretary of the Association of Audiovisual and Digital Publishing of China, attended the AES141 Conference and held a friendly exchange with the presidents in the introduction of Chairman Wang Shusen. China's audio and video industry is the fifth organization to participate in AES international exchange activities. This adds a new dimension to AES's internationalization.
In accordance with the practice of AES member organizations, the participating members first made a brief self-introduction. Next, Mr. Wang Shusen concisely summarizes the AES Beijing since June 2012 since the establishment of the work situation. He affirmed the selfless contributions made by many veteran members at the start of AES Beijing, and praised the work of organizing members to participate in the AES International Congress during the recess. He also announced that AES Beijing will begin to resume its activities from now on.
Mr. Wang highlighted the work planned for 2017 and made many constructive suggestions on the organization of the event. 2017 will be held many activities. Including technical seminars, AES experts will be invited to China lectures; also organized members to participate in AES in Berlin, Germany and the United States, New York, International Conference and Exhibition. Mr. Wang emphasized that the AES Beijing Membership Program is designed to provide members with a platform for exchanging information and providing up-to-date technical information so as to attract more members and make a significant increase in new members in future activities. We believe that as long as the active conduct of meaningful activities, the purpose of absorbing more new members is not difficult to achieve. AES Beijing's current central task is to organize professional events, attract members, develop and expand the number of AES members, and strive to make the country's largest audio practitioners in the country also has the largest number of AES members.
At the meeting we put forward the work of the problems. Such as how Chinese audio workers are involved in international AES activities, how to get involved in the latest AES standards and technical articles, how to participate in technical exchanges in China. Chairman Wang Shusen said that in the future, he will actively help members to communicate and coordinate with each other, and ensure communication channels between Chinese organizations and international organizations to solve some problems of Chinese members.
We also proposed to enhance communication with international audio experts recommendations, decided to handsome first in the field of sound reinforcement and panoramic sound technical exchanges. There are members of the domestic audio technology standards to help the world to the idea. Participants are full of expectations for next year's activities, the development of AES Beijing will be full of confidence.
The technical part of the conference invited Mr. Zhang Dong, representative of NEUTRIK, a world-renowned audio and video interface device brand, to introduce NEUTRIK's new products and new technologies in detail.
The conference "wooden house" is provided by Mr. Chen Wanyong jazz. He is willing to provide venue for the AES Beijing event, to make friends, audio technology industry for the great contribution to the development of modest. Everyone expressed his appreciation for his attitude and practice and expressed his satisfaction with the venue. And proposed that the future AES Beijing activities will be selected in the member units, especially those who have the enthusiasm and willingness to participate in small and medium audio enterprises to provide activities venues.

Photo #2:Part of the participants in front of the pictures of the wooden house

In particular, AES members, Honorary Chairman of AES Beijing, Mr. Zhao Bingkun on behalf of their own but also on behalf of cooperation partners, the Chinese Audio and Video Publishing House audio and video engineering committee in his busy schedule to participate in today's General Assembly .
AES will be open to the embrace of audio professionals to join the AES; Beijing and surrounding cities and regional audio industry, individuals and businesses, and actively exchange opportunities to share; unity of various fields of audio scientists and R & D personnel, teachers and students, business owners and Engineers, common for China's audio industry and work hard.
(AES Beijing Section)

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