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Colorado - October 12, 2016

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Leslie Gaston-Bird encouraged members to re-invigorate the chapter by inviting friends, planning big events, getting involved

141st Convention Wrap Up Topics
Leslie discussed activity of DTS and VR manufacturers at the convention

Kevin Gross discussed his involvement with AES67 technical standard (Technical Paper 2013), how it is moving into the video world- AMPTE 2110 adds video to what has been done with AES67. Called for volunteers for Media Networking Alliance which is a non-profit industry group assisting with marketing AES67 standard.

Doug Greenlee contributed his experience of AES as a vendor. He encouraged the practice of attending the conventions, as it is the best way to have personal contact with customers, future employers, colleagues and to really get to know them.
"This connection doesn't happen over the internet" - Kevin Gross

AudioFest experiences
Clark Hagan, Dave Glasser, Jeff Merkel, Dave Fender, David Rick contributed to discussion of attendance at AudioFest, trend to reissue records on tape, notion of fidelity vs accuracy, maintaining integrity of releases through various digital transfers

Motion to elect Lynnae Rome to AES Colorado Chair, Justin Davis to AES Colorado Vice Chair, Mark Elting to AES Colorado treasurer, Tim Gulsrud to AES Secretary.
Motion Carried
(Letter Ballot was carried out in the week following the meeting)

Future Event Ideas

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