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Pacific Northwest - January 27, 2009

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The first PNW Section meeting for 2009 featured Aaron Gates of JW-Tel-Tronics on high quality wire/cable terminations and project management. 21 attendees (7 AES members) were present at the Tashiro Kaplan Artists Lofts in Seattle WA.

Aaron Gates has been working in the broadcast systems integration field for over a decade and has participated in many large scale projects including ESPN high definition broadcast recording facilities, Microsoft XBOX sound design labs, nationwide DirecTV projects, mega yacht entertainment distribution systems and much more.

Aaron's reference for cable termination is neatly detailed by NASA, and is available on their website, [] .

Starting with wire preparation and insulation stripping, the NASA details were outlined, and the preferred quality, acceptable, & unacceptable type results. Next were the details of crimped terminations (better than solder) and pins/sockets and the preferred quality example. Then it was solder cups.

After a break, Aaron discussed Project Management Fundamentals for Studio Design and Installation - from initiation, processes, and planning standpoints for increased success in completing projects on time and under budget. He charted and discussed the phases of a Project Life Cycle:
-Statement of work
-Project Plan
-Monitoring and Control
-Closeout Project

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