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Colombia - November 2, 2016

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For the fifth version of the Week of Sound, 22 conferences and workshops in recording, acoustics, live sound, vibrations, sound install, biomedicine, mixing, and restoration were presented. During three days, the assistants were able to learn very specific topics from some of the most renowned professionals from all over the country.

This event has been constant for the last five years and calls assistants from all over the country. Through AES Colombia we presented several renowned AES members such as: Ricardo Escallón who explained the workflow for sound in digital film; Juan Tamayo from Audio Technica shared practical advices for sound install projects; William Flórez with his workshop focused in live sound monitoring; Darío Páez explained acoustic materials in vegetable fiber; and Diego Torres from Electro Voice presented new developments of waveguides applied to linear arrays.

Also, AES Colombia Section helped for the development of the workshop from Carlos Huertas, one of the most renowned producers in the region, who composed, produced and recorded a song during the event in one of the recording studios of the University of San Buenaventura. For the event over six spaces worked simultaneously and over 450 assistants participated in the activities of the Week of Sound.

By the end of the week, the sound engineering program from the University of San Buenaventura exposed their student's research projects for the DSP, sound system design and electroacoustics coursework. The event was held in the main square of the University and it was presented under the name of Electrosónica.

The event was developed by AES Colombia, Señal Memoria and the University of San Buenaventura with the support ofBoutique Pro Audio, Diffusion Magazine, The Room, Audio Technica, VCR Ltda, Lectrosonics, Sound Logics, Electro Voice, Super Audio, Videoelec, Beyerdynamic, AS, and DNA Music.

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