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Indiana University - September 4, 2016

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The Audio Engineering Society at Indiana University had the great opportunity of learning from Alex Kosiorek who was the Guest Clinician at the most recent AESIU Event. Alex Kosiorek is a published senior audio engineer and the manager of Central Sound at Arizona PBS — Arizona State University. Kosiorek's expertise is based on classical recording, utilizing advanced production techniques.

In his discussion, Kosiorek signified the importance of setting up classical recordings, especially since most if not all of the recordings would end up being broadcasted over the radio. Codec implementation and 5.1 surround sound programming can create one of the highest fidelity classical livestreams. Another factor that plays a huge role in producing live broadcasts is the application of THX-PM3, which allows for multi-channel mixing and monitoring. THX-PM3 sets the standard for noise levels/loudness management and the overall performance of broadcast productions. Different transition models towards classical music, like compression or any dynamics management, may be added to the mix; however, minimal dynamics processing is recommended (preferred by Kosiorek) in live broadcasts with classical music in order to sustain its natural dynamic range. The product is more authentic when a realistic sound image is captured at first, instead of adding or subtracting aspects of the mix in post-production.

On the career side of the discussion, having a clean resumé or cover letter may set the standard for the quality of a job. Kosiorek advocated reinventing one's career and persona through various points of the process in order to set and reflect upon new goals. Representing oneself in the best way possible by providing specific examples on a resumé/cover letter is vital when searching for a career in the professional audio community.

The Audio Engineering Society at Indiana University would like to thank Konrad Strauss for organizing the event, as well as Alex Kosiorek for taking the time out of his busy schedule for this discussion.

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