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Ball State University - September 30, 2015

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Travis Harvey - founder and owner of Village Green Records

15 years of "music business"
Here as a student once upon a time. Not a musician, but in a band.

Grass roots: the most important part is to be passionate about it, being pragmatic. Am I going on the right path? Do you have what it takes? Reaching out to people. Build relationships. Ask for more. Be willing to hear criticism. Participating in the community. GET OUT THERE. What can you offer? BE THE PERSON THAT MAKES THINGS HAPPEN. DOCUMENT EVERYTHING.

Music scene: MAKE YOURSELF PRESENT. Meet everyone. Go to Be Here Now.

Working with other people: find the people who are the producers!
The Palace of Sorrow Recording Studio
Predominantly hip-hop
The Pop Machine Music Production
Gallows Recording Studio
Reber Recording - also runs the coffee shop
Joyful Noise - record label
Holy Infinite Freedom Revival Records
Jurassic Pop
GloryHole Records
Off the Cuff Sound - records all analog
Magnetic South
Crossroads of America

Music Family Tree - website
Archive Indiana Music. WANT TO KNOW ALL OF IT. Post about shows.
MY Kentucky Blog - blog
NUVO - Indianapolis Alternative Voice
Sky Blue Window - Culture Central Indiana Right Now

Muncie Music Fest
Be Here Now
Village Green Records

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