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Ball State University - September 16, 2015

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Jeff Aebi talked about his story and what its like to work as a recording engineer.
Mostly talked about his experiences and his suggestions to us for the future.

Went to BSU as a Music Major, eventually changed to Music Technology.
Went to Recording Workshop in OH at the age of 19 and mixed in bars
Got hooked up with recording studio within 10 min of where he grew up. He bugged them to work
worked in gospel genre and started with audio for video
- take time to compare gear
- "[do] whatever it takes to make the song work"
- everything is relative
- mix on crappy speakers, if a mix sounds big on cheep speakers it'll sound amazing on good speakers
- Be aware that cupping the mic in you hand changes the pickup pattern
changes cari to OMNI
- a recording is a snapshot of where you are TODAY not an end all, be all
- 20 mins on 20 mins off, 30 mins on 30 mins off keeps the musicians rested

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