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San Francisco - September 25, 2015

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As real estate prices increase in San Francisco, more and more studios are locating to the East Bay. This all-day event gave people a chance to visit these 15 facilities and to meet owners and staff. Of particular interest were two locations still under construction, giving everyone a unique perspective in studio construction and materials. The day ended with a raffle, open bar and outdoor pizza van at 25th Street Recording - a facility which has opened its doors to AES-San Francisco on numerous occasions in the past.

25th Street Recording
Bayview/Airship Laboratories
Bird and Egg Recording Studios
Coast Mastering
El Cerrito Studio
Fantasy Studios
Infinite Studios
JingleTown Recording Studios
Megasonic Sound
New and Improved
Santo Studio
Sharkbite Studios
Skyline Studios
Sonic Zen
Soundwave Studios

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