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Elon University Section - January 12, 2016

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Scot Buffington came to Elon to discuss how technical writing and drawing was necessary in the building of amplifiers, but it would be a very beneficial skill to have for audio engineers to help with troubleshooting equipment if there was something wrong with the 'guts' of an amplifier, mic pre, mixer, etc. He went on to talk about some of his own personal experiences and how he has utilized precision hearing from friends and contacts when building amps. Scot stressed the importance of critical listening and the importance of protecting our ears.

The meeting ends with Scot talking about retry old ideas, but adjusting them slightly, can make a bad idea, the right idea. One of the main points he hit on was to never give up because once you give up, that's when you lose in the industry. Times can get hard, but once you stop striving for excellence and give up, you will be unable to make it in the industry.

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